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Antique woodworking - how to give a new piece of wood an antique look

If your dream of owning handcrafted furniture is a little out of your budget, this guide will help you give any wood item an antique faux finish for that old-world charm. Step 1: Sand the woodSand the wood to allow the paint to stick. Use a fine-grit sandpaper. Smooth corners and uneven areas to create a distressed look.TipUse an electric sander to make the process easier.Step 2: Add marksAdd dents and scratches using a hammer, screwdriver, and chisel to give the wood character and add an illusion of wear and tear.Step 3: Start with a dark base colorUse a paintbrush to apply a dark base color sparingly and in a sporadic pattern to convey aging and time-induced water damage. Wipe away any excess paint before it dries.TipThe dark base shouldn't cover the wood completely -- just hit the high areas that would see the most damage.Step 4: Apply your main colorApply your main paint color from the top of the wood toward the bottom. Allow the brush to run dry to create a worn appearance. Us…